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Integral Medicine
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Integral Medicine-A new approach To Total Health PDF Print E-mail

Integral medicine encompasses the whole human being-body, mind and spirit. This is not a new concept, and yet oftentimes what is called "holistic  medicine" isn't truly whole because it may not take into account important developments in medical science. For example, if you only use natural remedies such as herbs, instead of drugs, you may be denying yourself effective treatment. It's like going back to the past rather than forward to the future. Science has learned an enormous amount in the last forty years. If we use that information wisely, and combine it with the wide spectrum of alternative modalities that are now available, we can maximize our health, no matter what our pre-existing conditions are or our genetic predispositions. Importantly, we also have to deal with the root cause of disease and that's not a one-size-fits-all prescription. Each person is unique and requires on-going individualized analysis and treatment. This comprehensive approach to health makes it possible for us to achieve our highest potential and purpose.